Areas for Improvement (AFI)

Leadership and Management:

Rapidly improve the quality of leadership and management at all levels so that:

  • all safeguarding arrangements satisfy the requirements of the most recent legislation
  • effective and robust systems are in place to hold leaders and managers to account for the progress of all groups of pupils, but particularly for those who are disadvantaged
  •  leaders know the impact of pupil premium funding and target extra resources where they are needed
  • policies and procedures are up to date, being consistently implemented and regularly reviewed
  • there are effective arrangements for governance in place, which challenge leaders to bring about rapid improvement
  • the curriculum is fit for purpose and provides pupils with a broad and balancedprogramme of work.


Teaching, Learning and Assessment:

Rapidly improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment and accelerate outcomes for pupils, by:

  • ensuring that all teachers have consistently high expectations for what pupils can achieve in all areas of the curriculum
  • checking that assessment information is accurate and is used to plan appropriate challenge and support for different groups of pupils, particularly the most able
  • improving teachers’ subject knowledge so that they know what to teach
  • securing a stable and permanent teaching staff who are well supported by middle leaders to bring about rapid improvements
  • developing the learning environment in the Nursery class to improve curriculum provision.


Behaviour & Attendance:

Improve attendance and behaviour by ensuring that:

  • absence of all pupils is analysed, including for specific groups of pupils, and effective action is taken to make sure that pupils are in school and ready to learn
  • the behaviour policy is consistently implemented and has a positive impact on learning in the classroom
  • all staff know how to deal with challenging behaviour and keep all pupils safe when incidents arise.


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