Ethos and Values


Brookfield Academy aims:

  • to develop the whole child in a safe and caring environment;
  • to provide relevant and meaningful learning experiences within a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum;
  • to promote the “whole child” approach to the curriculum, incorporating spiritual, moral and cultural aspects to keep children at the centre of all we do;
  • to be an inclusive school providing equal opportunities for all children, irrespective of ability, gender, age, colour or religious belief;
  • to promote independence, responsibility, respect and tolerance in our children;
  • to value and celebrate children’s achievements and to build every child’s self esteem;
  • to promote high standards of responsible behaviour so that children are considerate of others and respect one another and their environment;
  • to maintain a well ordered daily routine, with high expectations of work, punctuality, appearance and manners;
  • to provide opportunities for all staff to develop their knowledge and expertise so as to improve teaching and learning;
  • to involve parents in the school partnership on a daily basis and to promote links with the local community;
  • to have high expectations of all and to help in the formation of values and attitudes which are relevant to the challenges of life;
  • to view the partnership with parents as vital in the progressive development of children and to assist in the smooth transition from the child’s entry into school to its transfer to secondary education;
  • to offer a range of extra-curricular activities, which build upon the good relationships expected.