The School Day

08:45 Doors open for All Classes
09.00 Start of the Academy day
10.40 Break time for KS1 & KS2
10.55 End of break time & start of lessons   
12.00-13.00 Lunchtime
13.00 Lesson Time
15.00 End of academy day KS1 & Foundation Stage
15.05 End of academy day KS2


Nursery Times

08:45-11:45 Morning Session


Parents and carers may accompany children into the cloakroom and are then asked to leave through the cloakroom door. If parents need to see the office staff we ask that they walk around the building and enter school through the main entrance. This ensure the safety of our children. 

If you are going to be late please notify the office staff who will inform the class teacher. 

We do not allow children to walk home unaccompanied unless previous permission has been granted and if this is age appropriate.